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Powerful Crystals For Protection

It is hard enough to live authentically empowered and in your own truth without the negativity of others holding you back. When you start thriving in life, it is almost inevitable that you will get some sort of criticism as jealousy and envy can arise. 

You might think no one in your life would want to keep you down. If this is true, count yourself truly blessed. But remember, negativity can come from complete strangers at the grocery store who just don’t like the way you’re beaming radiant light because they are so caught in the dark. Sometimes, even just by being in someone’s energy, even if they never direct any attention towards you, can have an impact on your energetic field. 

For this reason, we have compiled a list of the best crystals to use for protection so you can keep your good momentum going, or start clearing away the negativity and propel yourself towards your dream life. 

Black Tourmaline

Tourmaline creates a powerful shield against all kinds of negative energy, whether it be psychic attacks, damaging EMFs or negative thought patterns. With it’s incredible grounding ability, it can help reconnect you to your own truth and decipher which influences are originating from you or somewhere outside yourself. 

Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s eye has been used as a protection amulet, especially for travellers, giving them protection as they explored new lands. It helps you to think objectively and resolve issues without the interference of emotions that can cloud judgement. It helps to relieve fear and anxiety, approaching life with more confidence. 


Amethyst helps reconnect you to your higher self, allowing you to step into your power. Known to provide emotional and spiritual protection, it creates a psychic barrier between you and any mal intendent energies. It vibrates at a high frequency and helps you to shift to a higher state of consciousness. If you suffer from nightmares, amethyst could be a useful crystal to sleep with either under your pillow or on your night table. 


If you are looking for a protection stone while journeying, find yourself a good piece of labradorite. Not only does it help awaken your psychic powers, making journeying more accessible, but it also has a strong shielding effect for the aura. It helps protect you against negativity and misfortunes. 


Obsidian has a powerful ability to clear away negativity, thus making it a potent protection stone and great  to use while journeying. It will encourage you to explore more of the unknowns and lean into discovering the vast mysteries of the universe. It can uncover emotional blockages and help heal old traumas from this lifetime or even in past lives. 


This list is not exhaustive of crystals that could be used for protection. However, it is recommended to work with only one or a few crystals at a time, especially if you’re just starting out. Trust yourself in choosing the crystal that will most benefit you in this time. Even if it is not included in this list, be self referencing. You are your best guide.