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Crystals for Balance

Life occasionally gets out of balance for all of us. When things start pulling your attention in a thousand different directions, it is natural for you to feel spread a little thin. In moments like those, it is important to come back to your center and remember what is important for you. 

These crystals listed here are just a few that might help you ground into your energetic body so you can clarify your vision and purpose finding balance. 



Bloodstone has a beautiful grounding energy that can ease aggression and impatience. It helps in making decisions by heightening intuition and helping you to understand the effects of your actions. It is a grounding stone that cleanses negative energy. 



Carnelian has a strong connection to the sacral chakra, increasing ambition and drive. A boost in motivation will help you bring back balance into your life by increasing your energy to incorporate all of the things that are important to you. It helps you in clarifying which path you would like to venture down plus give you the encouragement to go for it! 



Larimar has an incredible soothing and nurturing energy to it. It helps boost creativity and communication so you can approach any obstacles in a way that you perhaps haven’t thought of before. With increased communication, you can more easily express your truth and release any stored energy that is inhibiting your sense of peace and restore balance. 



Azurite is known to help clear away tension and confusion. It activates the third eye, enhancing intuition as well as stimulating the intellect. With this, you may find to have better clarity on the issues facing you. It helps to restore balance and harmony and is known to be a good luck charm for long term projects. 



Onyx helps you regain your own personal power and stand your ground. It helps to reveal old wounds that may need your attention. By resolving old issues and traumas releasing self doubt, onyx can guide you to live a richer and fuller life. It is helpful in letting go of what needs to be released and move you towards clarity and purpose.  



The funny thing about balance in life is that it is not static. It is not a fixed state that doesn’t move, but rather a weaving of all the different elements in a way that nourishes your well being. 
We constantly need to re-evaluate what a balanced life means for us. What is important? What can we let go of in order to make space for what is priority?
The best way to bring balance is by clarifying what is most important to you and then making decisions based on those priorities.