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Chrysoprase Meaning: Healing Properties & Uses

Chrysoprase Primary Benefits

Joy | Hope | Love

  •  Promotes love, abundance, and joy.
  •  Encourages feelings of happiness in oneself or others for growth.
  • Connects one with sacral chakra to release patterns like codependency.
  • Boost creativity while honoring commitments to be independent.

Chrysoprase is a ray of positivity by promoting love, forgiveness, abundance, and prosperity. It also helps relieve fear and anxiety by encouraging feelings of joy and happiness. It is beneficial in releasing patterns of codependency. 

Chrysoprase Healing Properties

Chrysoprase has a delightful green color, connecting you to your heart chakra. It encourages you to operate from a place of love and helps you forgive where necessary. It facilitates the letting go of that which no longer serves, making space for attracting new love, abundance, and prosperity. 

By connecting to the sacral chakra, chrysoprase reconnects you to your inner child, increasing feelings of joy and happiness. It helps you realize the divine truth of your being, boosting creativity and the expression of your unique gifts. It increases your capacity to be independent, all the while honoring commitments. 

Chrysoprase Associations

Chakra: Heart
Zodiac: Libra
Element: Earth
Birthstone: May


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