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Bloodstone Meaning & Metaphysical Properties


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Bloodstone is a dark green translucent chalcedony which forms in the shape of flecks and small spots (hence its grouping with the emerald and aquamarine), & comes in shades of red. The name “Bloodstone” is derived from its deep red, almost vermillion appearance, that has lead to its reputation as the stone of courage.


• Stone of courage and grounding.
• Compassionate during times of adversity.
• Cleanse lower chakras to realign with the heart.
• Cuts through the illusion to see what's really going on.

For centuries, bloodstone has been used to improve health, wealth, and love. It is a powerful root chakra stone, helping one be more grounded and centered. It is also an excellent stone for activating the heart chakra to bring forth unconditional love and emotional balance. Many people are drawn to bloodstone as it has a beautiful deep green color that reminds them of rich soil or seaweed. The green color of bloodstone is related to the heart chakra, which governs our emotional well-being. Bloodstone helps us connect with nature and its healing energy. It allows us to recognize our natural cycles and find harmony in all things.


Bloodstone allows you to savor each moment of your life by keeping your awareness in the present moment.While Bloodstone boosts your vitality, It can also help you face your impermanence and make peace with your physical mortality. 

When you're ill, Bloodstone can help, whether it is to help boost your health or give you the courage to accept the truth and keep moving forward. It can help you make difficult decisions by heightening your intuition. This will help you utilize the opportunities already around you.

It will also encourage you to keep faith when obstacles start coming your way, especially if you feel abandoned by others as you start down a spiritual path. 

There is a lot of research about how service to others boosts our own level of happiness. Bloodstone encourages selflessness and, therefore, can put you on the path towards unabiding joy. 


Bloodstone will help you overcome obstacles by instilling courage and guiding you towards taking the right action. It is helpful during transitions when you are struck with loneliness by showing you your own inner strength. 


Bloodstone can increase your trust in yourself by increasing your inner strength and fortitude. It can strengthen your connection to the Divine and give you the courage to move forward with faith and surrender. 


Bloodstone is helpful with matters of blood. It helps to detoxify and restore vitality. It stimulates the endocrine system and can help support the liver. It can also aid women in balancing hormones, especially during menopause. 

What Birthstone is Bloodstone?

Bloodstone is a birthstone to those born in March.

What Zodiac sign is Bloodstone Associated with?

Bloodstone is associated with the Aries Zodiac sign. Those born between March 20 to April 21 can benefit from its ability to inspire the right action and boost vitality. 

What Element is Bloodstone Associated with?

Bloodstone is associated with the Earth element. It reminds you of the strength inherent to the virtue of patience. 

Which chakra is Bloodstone Associated with?

Bloodstone works with the energies of the root chakra, helping to restore a sense of centeredness and grounding.


Another name for Bloodstone is Heliotrope, the Greek language meaning "sun-turning." They believed that if Bloodstone was placed in the water during the sun's setting, Bloodstone would give the sun its blood-red color.  

In the middle ages, it was believed that Bloodstone's red spots were Christ's blood in the middle ages. They thought that his red blood fell onto the green earth when Christ was crucified, and thus Bloodstone was formed. 


Bloodstone, also known as Heliotrope, is typically dark green with red spots. However, it can also be primarily red with green places. It is usually a combination of chalcedony (green parts) and jasper (red parts) with a 6.5 to 7. It can vary in translucency but is generally found to be more opaque. 


Bloodstone can be found in India, China, Brazil, Australia, and the USA. 


I belong and feel at home in my body, which gives me the strength and vitality to carry out the will of my divinity. 



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