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Black Tourmaline Meaning & Metaphysical Properties


Stability | Protection | Cleansing

With its color as black as earth and potent energy, tourmaline is an incredible grounding stone used for positive transformation, inspiration, and self-confidence. 

It is often used as a protection stone and aids in understanding oneself and others. 

Metaphysical Crystal Properties

Black Tourmaline is the grandfather stone for protection. It creates a powerful shield against negative energy of all kinds, including psychic or EMF pollution. It also has strong grounding abilities and helps you connect back to the earth through the root chakra. 

It has wonderfully positive energy and can foster an optimistic outlook, helping to bring luck and happiness, regardless of outer circumstances.It is a good stone for the professional healer and the average person to use a positive grounding anchor. 

Shamans also use black tourmaline for protection while journeying to other realms during ritual work. 


Black tourmaline is an incredibly grounding stone that helps you move any negative or dense energy towards the earth, taking power and recycling it. It opens up a pathway for light to enter into the Earth plane. 


This powerful crystal can help soothe chronic worry and anxiety by helping you come back to a sense of home within yourself. 


Black tourmaline is thought to help the body detoxify and get rid of waste. It also is believed to assist in cleansing heavy metals and other pollutants accumulated from the environment. 


I am free of all negative attachments. Only love and light can enter my auric field. 

Physical properties of black tourmaline

The tourmaline variety of stone can vary in color from red, pink, yellow, brown, green, blue or violet, and of course, black. The color will depend on the ratio of metals contained within it. Black tourmaline comprises various metals, including iron and magnesium, with a 7 to 7.5. It got its name from the ancient Sinhalese word ‘turmoil’ which means a ‘mixed color of precious stone.’ 

Black Tourmaline has a higher concentration of iron which gives it its dark color. It will often grow in a hexagonal shape in columns. 

What Birthstone is black tourmaline?

Tourmaline is not a traditional birthstone. However, it is a newer birthstone for those born in October. 

What Zodiac sign is black tourmaline Associated with?

Black tourmaline is a zodiac stone for Libras, born between September 23 and October 23. 

What Element is black tourmaline Associated with?

Black tourmaline is associated with the earth element. 

Which chakra is black tourmaline Associated with?

Black tourmaline works with the energies of the root chakra. It has intense grounding energies and can help you reconnect to the earth and your sense of belonging. 

History & Lore

Black tourmaline has been used as a protection stone during rituals and ceremonies throughout many different cultures of ancient times. 

Shamans in Africa would use it to experience the self as part of the universal whole. 

In India, it was thought to be a ‘teller’ stone, and they would use it to guide them towards the right action that would bear good luck and provide insight. 

Origin & Regionality

Black tourmaline can be found in Nepal, Brazil, Africa, Pakistan, and the USA.