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About Crystal Healing

There are many different types of crystals, but why would someone want to use one? If you're looking for peace in your mind or fighting depression the list seems endless.

How do they work?

No known science backs the power of crystal healing. However, using crystals can be very relaxing and they may help you feel more relaxed in your environment! Crystals carry a power that is both healing and placebo-inducing. They allow positive energy to flow into your body while simultaneously sending negative, toxic particles away from it.

These days we can find different types of rocks with varying frequencies - some more energetic than others which affect our moods in different ways depending on what they are made up of or composed from.

So how do we use crystals?

1. Hold a crystal during meditation.

Sometimes, you may not feel anything right away. Patience is key when experimenting with crystals! Some of them are just more powerful than others and will have different effects on your body. I find that holding onto a stone in my hands makes me sink deeper into the ground while grounding myself from any negative energy around us.

2. Add crystals to your altar.

Place crystals on your home altar to give it an earth-friendly energy boost! One crystal point with one sharp edge is all you need. Place them around different areas of the paper that have intentions written upon them for good luck, or simply put some in front whenever facing east so its calming vibrations work their way through every room at night when setting out during morning hours.

3. Wear crystals on your body.

You can't go wrong with crystal jewelry! This is a great way to start integrating the power of crystals into your life. There's no better time than now and we have so many different styles in store that you'll love wearing them all day long or just when lounging around at home on those lazy days, too (you deserve it).

Final Thoughts

Whether you're looking for peace in your mind or fighting depression, there are many different types of crystals that can help with whatever may be troubling you. Explore our crystal directory, you may find something you need.