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Amazonite Meaning & Metaphysical Properties


Harmony | Resolution | Connection

Amazonite is a powerful stone that brings about honesty, courage, and truth. This gemstone provides playful energy, which encourages someone to take life less seriously to regain their innocence, amongst other things! It aligns with your inner child to help you establish boundaries in relationships while also soothing the emotional body of those who use it for healing purposes.

Amazonite Primary Benefits

  • Let go of the past and embrace your future.
  • Boosts energy and happiness.
  • Clears away emotional wounds from the past.
  • Brings about a sense of peace.

Amazonite is a stone used for aligning with truth and communicating with courage with its striking blue-green color. It is soothing to the emotional body and is a powerful aid in establishing boundaries in relationships.

Amazonite Metaphysical Properties

Amazonite encourages playful and joyful energy, allowing one to get in touch with and express their inner child. It brings back a sense of innocence and will enable one to stop taking life so seriously, but rather, allow it to flow with hope and optimism. 

Amazonite is particularly useful if there is a lot of negativity in your life. It helps to release energy blocks created by painful events of the past. These blockages can present themselves in many ways, such as the difficulty of expression or lack of creativity. By helping to move energy in the throat and heart chakras, Amazonite is a powerful healing stone that will boost love and expression. 


    Amazonite helps you communicate with your higher self and your spiritual consciousness. It gives you access to higher wisdom and truth to perceive things from a higher plane. This place gives you better discernment and recognition of when and where you need to set boundaries. 


    With its ability to help you establish boundaries, Amazonite can help strengthen your relationships by clarifying your needs without fear of confrontation or judgment. It encourages you to speak your truth to be in the right relationship with yourself and others.


    Amazonite can help you a speedy recovery from injuries by boosting cell regeneration. It is said to help prevent hair loss by strengthening hair and nails. It has also been used for gout and arthritis and supports the thyroid and adrenals when they are fatigued. 

    What Birthstone is Amazonite?

    Amazonite is not part of the traditional birthstones list. However, because it is turquoise in color, for those born between March 20- and April 19 whose natural birthstone is turquoise, Amazonite could be a helpful ally. 

    What Zodiac sign is Amazonite Associated with?

    Amazonite is not associated with any Zodiac sign in particular. However, many experts believe it will significantly benefit Virgo(August 23 - September 22), Scorpio(October 24 - November 21), Aries(March 21 - April 19), and Leo(July 23 - August 22). 

    What Element is Amazonite Associated with?

    Amazonite carries a lot of water elements. Being that it is a soothing and nurturing gemstone, it helps to cool a hot temper, soften a sharp tongue whose words may harm, and allow for ease and flow in life. 

    Which chakra is Amazonite Associated with?

    Amazonite works well with the energies of the heart and throat chakra. It helps you connect to your truth and authenticity and then express it. 

    History & Lore

    It is argued whether or not Amazonite was first discovered in the Amazon river, where its name would have come from. However, it is known that fierce Amazonian warrior women decorated their shields and other items of war with Amazonite. I would be terrified of them!

    These women are also reported to have used Amazonite for its healing powers.People adorning themselves with Amazonite jewelry in cultures from Egypt, India, Sudan, and Mesopotamia has been used for over four thousand years. 

    Amazonite tablets were used to write the seventh chapter of the Egyptian Book of the Dead, a funerary text containing spells to guide the soul to the afterlife. A scarab ring made with Amazonite was found amongst the treasures of Tutankhamen along with other Amazonite items. 

    Geological properties of Amazonite

    Amazonite boasts a stunning green or blue-green color, often with exciting patterns or pearly white markings. It belongs to the microcline mineral class. It is a feldspar mineral containing potassium aluminum silicate and has a hardness ranging from 6 to 6.5. 

    Origin & Regionality

    Amazonite originally was found in the Amazon river in Brazil. However, deposits have also been found in Colorado, India, Madagascar, Namibia, China, Mongolia, and Russia.


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