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5 crystals for communication

Lack of communication is often the root of many issues, including relationships of all kinds. When you can’t express your truth, you feel misunderstood and unseen. 

Keeping your feelings bottled up inside can cause all sorts of other problems and imbalances. When the throat chakra is blocked, it can have a ripple effect in other parts of your energetic body.

Lacking the ability to communicate effectively can come from various root issues. These crystals can help you say what needs to be told to restore harmony within yourself and your relationships, whether it be a lack of courage or disconnection from yourself.  


Sodalite is a stone for self-expression and encourages you to share your gifts with the world. It is beneficial if you fear public speaking and will inspire clear thinking in moments of pressure. 


Chrysocolla is a powerful crystal that can be used in meditation to help you connect to your heart chakra. Empowering your true feelings will help you communicate from an authentic place within yourself and express your truth. 


Apatite, mainly blue apatite, helps enhance communication by stimulating the throat chakra. It has a clearing effect on the aura. It can reduce feelings of confusion, increasing your ability to communicate clearly from a real place. 


Angelite promotes communication of a different kind than other crystals, particularly between you and your spirit guides. It has a very soothing and calming effect, helping you approach challenging situations with a sense of peace. 

Blue Lace Agate 

Blue lace agate is helpful when you’re angry to cool off those high emotions and come back to the situation from a centered place. It will also help you articulate feelings that may be hard to express. So, when you’re angry, you can take a hike or hold a blue lace agate. You choose!


The throat chakra can be thought of as a release valve for some other chakras and energy centers. If something is weighing heavy on your heart, for example, the ability to communicate, it will release some of the heaviness. 

On the other hand, if there is no escape from these emotions, it may cause other blockages and imbalances. For example, the inability to express yourself may cause a blockage in your solar plexus that centers around issues of personal power. 

Communication is vital in establishing healthy relationships that can, in turn, nurture and support you. Use these gemstones as your ally, meditate on them, imbue them with your strength and courage, and they will give it back to you!